Tips and Tricks

Smartphone Battery Tips

Use the power adapter that came with your device

Other power adapters can charge slowly, not at all, or damage your device or battery.

Keep it cool

Avoid situations where your device can overheat. Your battery will drain much faster when it’s hot, even if you’re not using it. This kind of drain can damage your battery.

Charge as much or little as needed you don’t need to teach your device how much capacity the battery has by going from full to zero charge, or from zero to full charge.

Let your screen turn off sooner, reduce screen brightness.

If your device has an LED notification light, you can save battery life by turning off that light.

You can restrict background battery use by individual apps. In your battery settings:

.Your phone could recommend apps to restrict.
.You can see which apps use the most battery.

You can save battery by turning off tethering and hotspots when you’re not using them, let Wi-Fi turn off when your screen is off.

Make sure you are using your Wi-Fi when your at home this is less stress on the battery compared to your mobile signal.

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