6 months ago
5 myths about iPhone battery life you might mistakenly believe — and what you should do instead

Because so many people have iPhones, a lot of conventional wisdom about iPhone battery life can be similar to folk wisdom. So we've collected five common...

6 months ago
Newton Mail is shutting down in September

How many good third-party email apps must this cruel world take?

6 months ago
Here are all of the devices that will support iOS 12

On stage at WWDC, Apple officially unveiled iOS 12 with a heavy focus on performance and stability improvements. As for the devices that will get iOS 12, Apple says every device that ran iOS 11 wil…

6 months ago
Are video games really addictive? | Marc Lewis

‘Gaming disorder’ is now a medical diagnosis. But evidence of real harm is scant, writes neuroscientist Marc Lewis

6 months ago
If you want a laptop you can count on. You Chromebook.

Built-in virus protection, a battery that lasts all day, and automatic updates: welcome to the new way of doing things. Stream, play, and work without anythi...

6 months ago
Google mocks Microsoft and Apple in new Chromebook video

Claims Chromebooks are the only laptops you can rely on

6 months ago
Leaked benchmarks show Intel is dropping hyperthreading from i7 chips

i7 chips will have 8 cores and 8 threads, leaving the 8 core/16 thread combination for the i9.

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